27 Funny Memes About Being Ignored By People

Video 27 Funny Memes About Being Ignored By People

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Have you ever experienced being ignored?

When you asked a question, did no one bother to give you a response?

When you texted someone, did you have to wait for days before getting a reply?

We understand how you feel. No one likes to be ignored! But don’t worry, we have a great collection of funny memes to help you feel loved and less lonely.

This article presents 27 funny memes about being ignored by people. You can check them out and send them to people you feel are ignoring you.

You never know—these memes might just be the solution you’re looking for. Maybe you’ll get the reply you are hoping for.

Let’s check them out!

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1. No text back? Alright, then.

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Ever experienced waiting for a reply, but no matter what you do or how long you wait, no notification pops up? You are probably being ignored, my friend. Time to move on.

2. Here’s how I’ll ignore you.

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Sometimes the best way to get even with someone who has ignored you is by ignoring them as well. Go ahead and ignore them so hard that they will end up regretting ignoring you.

3. Ignoring Someone vs. Being Ignored

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Isn’t it funny how self-important we feel when we ignore someone else, but how desperate and angry we feel when we are the ones being ignored? Remember, what goes around comes around.

4. Someone pay attention!

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This might be how you feel when you make memes that don’t get attention. That’s all right. You tried your best. Someday, someone’s going to notice them. Just keep doing what you love, meme genius.

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5. Who’s dumb enough?

via cheezburger

You will get this meme if you have watched Mean Girls. Are you dumb enough to keep on sending texts even when you know you’re being ignored?

6. What my name should be…

via goo-memes

We laughed so hard at this one because it’s pure genius. Don’t deny it—we know you ignore all those terms and conditions too.

7. You’re ignoring my text? Fine!

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If someone doesn’t reply back, no matter how much effort you make, don’t fret. Just keep it cool.

8. Oh, yeah! I did that.

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Here is an idea: why not wait two days to reply to them? Give them a taste of their own medicine so they don’t do this to you ever again.

9. That awkward moment…

via memesmonkey

Do you imagine yourself looking like this when you’re being ignored? It might be time to learn not to care so much!

10. Yeah, fine. Ignore me.

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Isn’t it infuriating when someone isn’t replying to you, but you check their IG account and see a status or picture posted just a minute ago? Handle it well, my friend.

11. Not really sure…

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This happens often, and you aren’t always necessarily being ignored. Sometimes the network is jammed or the signal is messed up, so the other person is not receiving your messages. But that doesn’t make it feel any better!

12. Don’t get mad, alright?

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If you’re mad that someone isn’t texting back, send this meme instead of picking a fight. Your partner might change their behavior instead of getting angry in turn.

13. Yo dawg!

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Isn’t that a crazy bit of wordplay? You can send this meme to someone if you’re trying to keep things light while reaching out to find out why you are being ignored.

14. Please, pay attention.

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It comes out of nowhere, sometimes. When there are two people talking and you are being ignored, sometimes you just blurt it out: Pay attention to me! Hey, they might notice!

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15. Groupchat Feels

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Don’t you feel horrible when you ask a question in a group chat and no one replies? Eventually the other people’s messages bury your question and you feel ignored.

16. Why don’t you want me?

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Here’s another group chat meme. Sometimes you wonder if there is a problem with you, or if the problem is with the people you are dealing with.

17. I’m sorry, do I know you?

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The best way to get revenge is to let the other person know that you don’t care at all if you are being ignored. You have your own things to deal with, anyway.

18. Should I just do the same?

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Some people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. If you are always nice to them and they continue to ignore you, maybe it’s time to move on!

19. I have eyes everywhere, dude.

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No replies, but you can see that they are online? They’ve got some nerve! The best thing to do is let them be. They are probably dealing with something stressful, or they are perhaps thinking of what to reply.

20. My phone is actually on 24/7.

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You know those people who never put their phones down? They have no excuse for not replying. If they ignore you, they probably don’t deserve your attention.

21. I am silently judging you, friend.

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Remember that friend who said they would never ignore you? Why not try sending them this meme? Or you could just ignore them, too, and silently judge them.

22. I’m OK. I’m not crying.

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We understand the pain, but that’s just how life is sometimes. There are people who make you the center of their attention, and there are others who don’t have time for you. You have to be OK with that.

23. Women…

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There might be some men out there who can relate to this one. Women will ignore you because they want you to notice that they are ignoring you. That might seem crazy, but they just want you to spend some time with them.

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24. Time to reflect on yourself.

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You can send this meme to someone who is totally clueless about why you are ignoring them. Of course, there are certain people who won’t really know the reason until you tell them. Be considerate in that situation and just kindly explain.

25. Can you hear it?

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Here’s another classy response you can use to someone who has wronged you. Oftentimes, it’s better to just ignore the person and what happened between the two of you so the fight can stop. Remember, however, that it would always be best to talk about things if they are serious enough.

26. I’m busy ignoring you.

via me.me

This grumpy cat is a professional at ignoring. Maybe you can relate. If you don’t want to explain yourself to someone, you might want to use this meme instead.

27. Wow, thank you.

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Here’s another meme about getting ignored in group chats. If ever that happens, you have two options: ask again or ignore them back. They are ignoring you anyway, so why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

Final Words

Here’s a little advice to lessen the loneliness you feel whenever someone ignores you: If they are ignoring you, ignore them too. You have other things to think of anyway.

Another option is to send them some of these memes and see how they react. These memes might just be what you need to get them to respond!

Finally, if you want to increase your happiness and life satisfaction, then watch this free video that details the 7-minute habit for planning your day to focus on what’s important.

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