29 Funny Best Friend Memes To Honor Your Friendship

Best friends are families by choice. If your BFF shares your humor, you may identify with these hilarious best friend memes.

Life is better when you have best friends. They may not always be by your side. But their words and their voices make you feel less alone. And you may have lots of friends. But you can only have one or two best friends. They love you even when you are not so lovable. And that’s what makes best friends rare.

So how can you tell if someone is your real friend? We all have different standards for friendship. But fake friends don’t support you through the darkest times. They don’t share your joy. And don’t bother trying to call them at 2 am because they are only there when they need you.

Real friends, on the contrary, do all of the things above. And not only that, they talk you out of toxic relationships. They criticize your stupid decisions and still stand by your side. And you make each other laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. Sometimes you communicate with memes instead of words without any problems.

Sounds like you and your bestie? Then these funny best friend memes will resonate with you. Share the one that identifies with you and let your BFF know how important he/she is to you.

Friends are the best therapists

Best friends are the only one that will tolerate

Now vs then

When you stop trying to be polite, that’s when you become real friends.

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Their problems are your problems


Real friends may fight with each other. But they don’t hold grudges.

When you refuse to open up

If you have friends that cares about your emotional wellbeing, never let them go.

Reality is only for real friends

You know you can always show your true self with your best friends.

When you try to talk your friend out of a toxic relationship

Best friends notice your toxic lover before you do.

Best friend goal

When you are always thrilled to see each other

You can never get tired of your best friend.

No filter

When they understand you too well

Introverted besties be like

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Mutual support

Best friends lift each other up.

Best friends make sure you are ok

Bad days don’t stop best friends from caring each other.

No is not an option

Not everyone is a birthday person. Sometimes a birthday message is better than a big party.

When your BFF gets your humor

Best friends on a bad day

If your best friend is having a rough time, here are some words of encouragement to cheer him up.

Nobody is an island

Sunday brunch with bestie be like

Sorry not sorry

Sad moment in a friendship

When you realize you are not the only one.

The ultimate regret

Gotta feed her well

What am I now?

When your best friend is your support network

At least google it

But you still have to listen

Which of these best friend memes do you identify with?

What makes your best friend so special to you? Share your story in the comment!

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