33 Insanely Awesome Gifts For Medical Students

33 Insanely Awesome Gifts For Medical Students

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This post is all about the best gifts for medical students!

best gifts for medical students

Best Gifts For Medical Students (Amazon Edition)

Going through medical school is a major achievement and commitment. Here are the best gifts for medical students to help cheer them on and keep them motivated on this journey:

1. Medical Dr. Scrubz Bear

gifts for medical students

This Medical Teddy Bear would be an excellent gift idea for anyone graduating from med school or looking forward to beginning their first year of residency as well as those currently working as nurses or doctors themselves. It’s super adorable, and great to cuddle with when feeling stressed!

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2. Med School Mug

gifts for medical students

“Look at you becoming a doctor and shit!” Haha, this is honestly something that I’ve said to my pre-med friends before. It’s truly an amazing accomplishment to be accepted into medical school, and also have the perseverance to go through with it. So congratulate your pre-med friends with this slightly sarcastic, funny, and congratulatory message.

3. Medical Student Suture Practice Kit

gifts for medical students

You’ve never known how important it is to learn about sutures until you’ve had to use them.

If you want to be a doctor, surgeon, or any other medical specialist, then practicing with these life-size and realistic suture kits will help prepare you for the real thing. These packages contain everything that a medical student would need in order to practice one of the most difficult and delicate surgeries: closing wounds with stitches. Your pre-med friends will love you if you get them this kit!

4. A Wise Doctor Makeup Bag

gifts for medical students

Being in medical school often means super late nights, early mornings, and therefore not enough time to do your makeup in the morning. If your pre-med friend also happens to be a makeup-lover who’s struggling because of the hectic med school schedule, this makeup bag might just help her out!

Instead of frantically putting on makeup in the morning, she could use this makeup bag to bring her most essential beauty products with her on the go.

5. Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary

gifts for medical students

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary is the perfect gift for new doctors and medical students. It has a concise, easy-to-read format that doesn’t overwhelm with too many details, yet still covers all the essential information you need to know in order to be successful in your profession.

Plus it includes up-to-date coverage of brand names and generic equivalents of common drugs so you can keep up with all the latest developments in modern medicine. What more could any doctor or medical student ask for?

6. Medical Crew Socks

Medical professions deserve quality products that are designed specifically to fit their needs perfectly – like these adorable and stylish crew socks! They will keep your feet warm no matter the environment you’re working in. If you know someone who is planning on entering the field of medicine soon, gift them these unique socks to help them stay warm while looking fresh.

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7. Syringe Pen and Highlighters

gifts for medical students

If your friend is a soon-to-be doctor or medical professional, chances are that they’ll need to find creative ways to keep themselves and their patients entertained. Patients will be especially appreciative when they see how much fun doctors are having while taking care of them!

If your friend is also a fun character and loves good humour, this creative stationery set would definitely be very much much appreciated!

8. “I Can’t! I’m in Medical School” Shirt

gifts for medical students

This is honestly a quite reasonable excuse! Haha! If you’re currently in medical school, you’re basically exempt from doing anything and everything outside of school work. Because we all know how demanding medical school can be!

Let your medical school friend know how much you understand their struggle by gifting them this awesome t-shirt. This way, they won’t ever have to feel bad again about declining an invite.

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9. “Doctor in Progress” Keychain

gifts for medical students

Get this keychain for your loved ones who are also aspiring doctors and applying to med school! It’s nice to be reminded that the road is long but worth it! A “doctor in progress” is technically already a doctor, haha!

10. Gifts For Medical Students: Anatomy Tote Bag

gifts for medical students

The perfect gift for your med student friends, future doctors, or any other lover of anatomy. I mean, how often do we see tote bags with a drawing of a lung printed in the front? Plus it’s made from durable materials so this will last through years of heavy use!

11. Goal Planner For Pre-Med Students

If you’re a pre-med student, there’s no shortage of hurdles to overcome. From grueling course loads to extracurricular activities, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. Even the most organized students can use some help staying on track with their busy schedules and academic goals. That’s where these pre-med planners come in! It is designed specifically for future doctors by offering an easy way to keep on top of your studies and other commitments!

12. Prescription Wine Tumbler

gifts for medical students

Next time someone catches you drinking wine at 3pm in the afternoon, just let them that it’s a happy medicine prescribed by no one other than you yourself, and you. Haha!

I’m sure your pre-med friends would really appreciate this funny and relatable design.

13. Physician Medical Equipment Bag

gifts for medical students

Physicians and medical professionals know that their lives depend on having the right tools to provide safe and effective patient care. And the best way to make sure they have all these life-saving tools is in a bag that can carry them safely, securely, and quickly!

14. Tricks to Appear Smart In Meetings Calendar

gifts for medical students

I personally absolutely love this “tricks to appear smart in meetings” calendar haha! No matter which college major you’re in, there comes a time in your college career where you have to go on these dreadful group meetings.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel sooooo stupid in these meetings. Maybe it’s the nerves or maybe I’m just not prepared lol. If your friend often has meetings in medical school, this gift will come in handy for days she’s not prepared at all.

15. Gifts For Medical Students: Wine Gift Bag

gifts for medical students

There are many different types of gifts that can be given to a doctor or soon-to-be doctor, but this one is in a league of its own. This wine gift bag is perfect for the holidays and will show your appreciation for all they do, and how much you support them in their career journey.

16. Medical Doctor “Loading” T-shirt

gifts for medical students

Even though you’re still not completely a legit medical doctor yet, at least you’re on your way to becoming one. With this t-shirt, your pre-med or med-school friend could let the whole world know that they’re smart and capable even though they’re not technically a medical professional yet.

In short, a caterpillar in the metamorphosis process. But you know… close enough.

17. Silver Heartbeat Necklace

gifts for medical students

Doctors are basically real-life heroes! They save lives and that is truly so impressive and deserves a million awards and trophies. With a heartbeat necklace, your friends in the medical profession can be reminded daily of how much impact their hard work has on the world, and how amazing they are for changing and saving lives each day…literally!

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18. Before & After Patients Coffee Mug and Wine Glass

gifts for medical students

This is definitely one of my favorite gifts for medical students!

3 shots of expressos before work/med school, and 3 shots of vodka after…. did I get your daily routine right? All my hard-working medical professionals?

If this routine sounds like your friend’s, I think she will very much appreciate this coffee and wine glass gift set. Being in the medical field is incredibly demanding, let alone having to deal with difficult patients on a daily basis. Let your friend know that it’s okay to treat herself once in a while! Or every day, if needed.

19. Doctor Desk Caddy Organizer

gifts for medical students

As a medical student or a college student in general, you know how crazy messy your desk can get on those busy study days. Having a desk caddy on your table will make everything much more organized and less hectic.

If you have a pre-med friend who’s ALWAYS studying, give them one of these organizers to help them keep their environment tidy so that they can focus better.

20. Prescription Pill Coffee Mug

gifts for medical students

If you asked med students “what’s one thing you can’t live without?”, I’m sure 99% of them would say “coffee!”

I mean, it’s the world’s best medicine! Feeling drowsy? drink coffee. Can’t concentrate? drink coffee? Feeling depressed? drink coffee. lol.

If your med school friend is someone who can’t live without coffee, this gift would be absolutely perfect for them.

21. Stethoscope Crystal Necklace

gifts for medical students

This is such a lovely and meaningful gift for your friends that are in the medical field! Since it comes with a birthstone, it’d be a great little birthday present as well!

22. First White Coat Hanger

The white coat ceremony commemorates the start of a medical student’s journey to become a doctor, and so it’s definitely one of the most important moments in a med student’s career. If you have a friend or a family member who is about to receive their first white coat, gift them this personalized coat hanger to help them make this special day even more unforgettable!

23. Pre-Med Student Journal

gifts for medical students

Studying medicine is no easy task. In fact, almost 20% of students drop out of med school before even graduating. That’s a pretty big percentage! To help your pre-med friend stay motivated on his or her journey to becoming a doctor, give them a pre-med student planner!

This planner includes motivational quotes and tips from medical students and doctors, as well as worksheets to help streamline the pre-medical school journey!

24. Gifts For Medical Students: Unicorn Coffee Mug

gifts for medical students

Who says med students can’t be smart, professional, yet fabulous at the same time? Let your friend know how cool and special she is to be able to balance complicated academic subjects and still have fun at the same time. It’s no easy task!

25. Burt’s Bee Moisturizing Gift Set

gifts for medical students

One thing I know about med students and pre-med students is that they have lab ALL THE TIME! My college roommate/bestie was a pre-med, and I swear she lives in the lab. Every time I see her, she’s either on her way to the lab or on her way back. Lol!

Doing experiments in labs also means having to wash your hands a million times. After a while, it’s inevitable that your hands get dry, especially in the cold weather. So if you have a friend who’s spending almost every day in the lab, gift her this Burt’s Bee moisturizing set to help her stay moisturized 24/7.

26. Studying Vinyl Sticker

gifts for medical students

Studying or Dying? How about both?

I’m sure all students in the medical profession can relate to this on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and energetic level. If you have a friend majoring in pre-med, I’m sure you’ve heard them complain about having to pull all-nighters and not having the time to eat. It’s crazy how demanding and tough the road to becoming a doctor is!

27. Exercise Ball Chair

Studying for med school often equates to long hours of sitting at a desk cramming for exams. This can NOT be good for your back or your spine. After years of prepping to become a doctor, many people actually experience back pain from all the sitting down.

Doctors should be healthy and ready to treat their patients! Get your friend in the medical profession a ball chair like this to help them relieve pain caused by common office or library chairs.

28. Hydroflask Water Bottle

Aside from taking care of patients, doctors and med students should also make sure to take care of themselves. Without a healthy doctor, patients wouldn’t be able to get the proper treatment they need.


Make sure your friends in the medical profession are staying hydrated and drinking a sufficient amount of water every day!

29. Gifts For Medical Students: Flask Shot Glass

A shot glass that is also lab-quality? I mean… there’s nothing more perfect to give a medical student than this.

30. Electric Ramen Noodle Cooker

Broke med students often have to rely on cheap ramen noodles to get them through the years. (Unless they can afford to take out more student loans lol). The annoying thing is, some university housing only have microwaves, which isn’t the best way to way to cook delicious noodles. Especially if you want to add eggs and veggies in there. So this noodle cooker is definitely a life-saver!

31. Portable Laptop Table

This is absolutely perfect for med students who love to do work on their beds. Sometimes, finding the motivation and energy to drag yourself to the library is hard. Especially if the library is always super packed.

This folding lap desk can make working in bed look much more professional. And instead of throwing all your pens and paper on the bed, you actually have a place to store them neatly.

32. Doctor Thank You Sign

Doctors are literally doing God’s work. Saving people, healing people, and literally changing people’s lives. Even if your friend is not a doctor YET, she’s on a way to becoming one, and that deserves a round of applause!

Let your friend know how incredible she is with this thank you sign that she could hang up in her room. It’ll also keep her motivated and remind her why she embarked on this journey in the first place.

33. Sunshine Care Package

Med students are often stressed out and sleep-deprived due to the amount of pressure they’re constantly under. If your friend is struggling mentally and physically in med school, they’ll really need a care package like this to help them relieve stress.

What does every med student need?

I’d say that the one thing that almost every med student needs is SUPPORT! Med school is hard, yall! It’s emotionally, physically, and mentally draining.

But a little encouragement can go a long way to help them feel less stressed about exams. So send them a care package with all their favorite things, or just shoot them a text letting them know you’re rooting for them.

Either way, they’ll appreciate it!

What do you give an aspiring doctor?

If you know someone aspiring to be a doctor, there are a few things you can gift them to help them on their way. My personal favorites are medical equipment. Things like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and otoscopes may not be the most glamorous gifts, but they’re definitely practical for doctors in training!

What do you get someone after they take the MCAT?

The MCAT is a big deal. It determines whether or not you get into medical school. So, what do you get someone after they take the MCAT? Here are two ideas:

  • A nice dinner out. After months of studying, your loved one is probably ready for a break. Treat them to their favorite restaurant as a way of saying congratulations.
  • A day of pampering. A massage, mani/pedi, or a day at the spa will help your loved one relax and recharge before beginning their journey to medical school.

Whatever you choose, make sure it comes from the heart. Your loved one has worked hard to get where they are, and they deserve to be celebrated!

What is the best gift for a medical student?

To be honest, there’s no single best gift for a medical student. It really depends on what the person likes and needs. So if you don’t know what to get your friend or family member who’s a medical student, the safest bet is to just ask them directly!!

There you have it! 33 Best gifts for medical students! Hopefully, this list was able to help you decide what to buy your friends who are currently in the medical field or studying to become medical professionals. If you have gifts for medical students ideas that you think we should add to this list, don’t hesitate to comment below or email us!



33 Insanely Awesome Gifts For Medical Students

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