50 Best Dorm Gifts For College Students That They’ll Love

50 Best Dorm Gifts For College Students That They’ll Love

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This post is all about the best dorm gifts for college students.

dorm gifts for college students

Moving into college dorms is both exciting and stressful at the same time. Mainly because it’s difficult to decide what you should or should not bring with you.

During my college years, I’ve realized that there are certain dorm essentials that honestly can make a student’s life 100000 times easier. So if you have a friend or family that’s about to head off to college, here are 50 amazing dorm gifts that they will really appreciate!

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Dorm Gifts For College Students

1. Electric Noodle Cooker

dorm gifts ideas

As broke college students, we often have to rely on cheap ramen noodles to get us through the semester. And the annoying thing is, some dorm rooms only have microwaves, which isn’t the best way to way to cook delicious noodles.

Especially if you want to add eggs and veggies in there. So this noodle cooker is definitely a life-saver!

2. Space Saving Clothes Hangers

dorm gifts ideas

These clothes hangers are honestly so genius! I saw these around a year ago on Facebook and I was amazed by this idea. So great for college students who live in dorms that have very limited space.

3. Before You Go Toilet Spray

dorm gifts ideas

My housemate in my freshman year of college actually introduced me to this magical before-you-go toilet spray! Haha! If you’ve never heard of this before, you should definitely check it out.

Basically, what you do is spray this in the toilet bowl before going, and after you’re done, there will be no smell whatsoever! This is such a lifesaver for college students and literally anyone who live with roommates.

4. Mini Coffee Maker

College students literally LIVE on coffee. Pulling an all-nighter is sometimes the only way we can juggle the amount of school work and activities going on in our lives.

So if your family member or friend is sort of a coffee-addict and is about to head off to college. They would probably appreciate this useful gift.

5. Floating Shelves Wood Storage Set

dorm gifts ideas

These floating shelves are great for maintaining a clean and organized desk. One of my pet-peeves is doing school work on a desk that is super cramped and dirty. So with these shelves, I can save a lot of space, and clear out all the unnecessary stuff on my desk that is distracting me.

6. Two Tiers Corner Shower Caddy

dorm gifts ideas

For students that have their own bathrooms in their dorm rooms, this corner shower caddy will definitely come in handy.

I remember when I first moved into my dorm during my Sophomore year, we didn’t have a shower caddy like this. And so my roommate and I had to place all our shower essentials on the floor. Which was kind of unsanitary and inconvenient.

7. Mini Waffle Maker

dorm gifts ideas

Out of all the dorm gifts, this one is probably is most adorable! Moving into dorms doesn’t mean that we should be deprived of the joy of making blueberry waffles in the morning! And who doesn’t love waffles?!

8. Dorm Desk Organizer

dorm gifts ideas

This is another smart way to keep your desk clean and tidy. Especially if your desk is small already. One of my favorite things about these organizers is that you can see all your essential items at one glance, without having to look for them everywhere.

9. Faux Fur Saucer Chair

dorm gifts ideas

Oooo, my roommate brought these chairs to our dorm and they quickly became my favorite chairs to sit in because they are soooo comfortable! I studied in them and sometimes even fell asleep in them, lol!

Also, they just look super chic and stylish. So that’s another perk!

10. Fluffy Area Rug

dorm gifts ideas

Dorm room floors are sometimes pretty nasty. If you’re kind of a germaphobe like me, you’ll understand the horror of stepping with your bare foot onto dorm room floors.

This fluffy area rug is a huge lifesaver because now you can sit on the floor without having to stress out about germs crawling all over your body.

11. Round Charging Station

dorm gifts ideas

Usually, there are only around two to three outlets in a dorm room, and sometimes, they aren’t situated in the most convenient place.

And so having an extra charging station is an absolute must if both you and your roommate plan on charging several electronic devices at once.

12. Folding Lap Desk With Storage Space

Omg, this is absolutely perfect for students who love to do work on their dorm bed! Sometimes, finding the motivation and energy to drag yourself to the library is hard. Especially if the library is always super packed.

This folding lap desk can make working in bed look much more professional. And instead of throwing all your pens and paper on the bed, you actually have a place to store them neatly now.

13. Personal Smoothie Blender

dorm gifts ideas

My housemate used to make smoothies every morning in our dorm with this blender. It’s definitely much smaller than regular blenders, but since it’s travel size, you can save a lot of time in the morning by simply taking the entire bottle with you on the go.

14. Step Trash Can

dorm gifts ideas

Not sure about you, but the dorm that I used to live in only had small trash cans that can barely fit a medium-sized trash bag. So we basically had to take out the trash every 12 hours since there were five of us in that dorm.

If your dorm room is also like this, I definitely recommend getting a bigger trash can. It will save you a lot of hassle.

15. Study Coffee Mug

dorm gifts ideas

This definition of “study” is way more accurate than Wikipedia’s version! Haha! Honestly, aren’t we all procrastination kings and queens?

This is the perfect gift for college students because, trust me, they will relate to this so much!

16. Three-Tier Stackable Storage Shelf

dorm gifts ideas

This is another one of those dorm gifts that will be very much appreciated. I didn’t have one of these shoe shelves in college, so the only place I could store my shoes was under my bed. Ugh, I can’t believe I never thought about getting these.

17. Don’t Forget To Call Mom Coaster

dorm gifts ideas

If you’re shopping for your son or daughter that’s about to move into their dorm. These coasters will be a great reminder for them to call and check up on you!

Of course, I can’t promise that they’ll actually use these. Especially if they plan on having friends over and don’t want to be embarrassed, haha!

18. Shatter-Proof Cereal Bowls

dorm gifts ideas

These bowls are so cute, and they can be used not just for cereal, but any other type of food!

19. Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

dorm gifts ideas

This air fryer is so adorable. As college students, we usually don’t have all the time in the world to make our own fried food like french fries or fried chicken.

This little air fryer can save us so much time and it’s also much safer than traditional ways of frying food.

20. Backrest Lounge Cushion

dorm gifts ideas

This is another one of my favorites out of these dorm gifts for college students! One of my friends had this in her dorm room, and whenever I visit, the first thing I do is lay on her comfy backrest cushion. It’s so comfortable!

21. Essential Oil Diffuser

dorm gifts ideas

Smelling essentials oils can really help you calm down and de-stress. And college students need this the most, especially during the hectic finals season!

22. Microfiber Bath Towel Set

This is a basic dorm essential that every college student needs! Sometimes with school getting busy in the semester, we often have a hard time finding time to do our laundry and wash our bath towels.

So these extra towels can definitely come in handy then.

23. Clip-On Bedside Shelf

Ooo! This bedside shelf is so genius! Most of the time, dorm rooms are super cramped. And so we don’t always have enough space to put a whole nightstand next to our bed. Also, our beds are sometimes not near ground level, which makes it hard to reach anything on our nightstand.

So this design is an awesome way to solve this problem!

24. Dorm Shower Tote

Students in their freshman year sometimes have to stay in dorms that only have communal bathrooms instead of private ones. And these shower totes will for sure come in handy when shower time comes.

26. Shower Slippers

Never shower in communal showers with your barefoot! You have no idea what kind of nasty stuff has touched those floors.

Showering with slippers on is an absolute must! And to prevent disgusting germs from getting on your feet.

27. LED Desk Lamp With Charging Ports

A desk lamp with a charging port! College students will love this.

28. Collapsible Laundry Hamper

Almost all my friends in college had a collapsible laundry hamper like this, or at least a laundry bag of some sort.

These are an absolute must, especially if the laundry room is kind of far from your dorm. Having a laundry hamper will make your life much easier when it comes time to wash your clothes.

29. Waterproof Shower Speaker

Omg, I’m sure every college student would want one of these! I can’t even count with my fingers how many times I dropped my phone on the dirty bathroom floor when trying to play a song for my shower time.

30. Compact & Portable Steamer

Wrinkly clothes are a big no-no, especially if you need to dress business formal for an important class presentation! These compact steamers will be super useful in dorms where you don’t have space for an ironing board.

31. Travel Sewing Kit

Living far away from home in college means that you have to be independent and fix the holes in your clothes by yourself! This sewing kit will come in handy for wardrobe malfunctions and emergencies.

32. Foldable Storage Bag

One of the main problems of staying in a tiny dorm is not having enough space to put all your clothes. Especially if you have a lot of thick jackets and sweaters.

Just like packing cubes, this foldable storage cube can save so much space in your closet!

33. Lightweight Vacuum

Even though most dorms have vacuums that you can borrow, you most likely will have to turn in your student I.D in exchange, which is kind of annoying. And the vacuums are always so heavy and difficult to maneuver.

These lightweight vacuums are much easier to use, and can last you all the way till you graduate. So it’s definitely a good investment.

34. Mesh Laundry Bag

Some washing machines in dorms are quite old, so if you don’t use a mesh bag for your delicate clothing items, they might get twisted up in the machine and possibly rip and get damaged. I learned this the hard way.

35. Extra Large Moving Bags

dorm gifts ideas

Instead of using boxes to move, I used these Ikea-bag-looking moving bags to store all my stuff, and let me tell you! They were SO MUCH easier to lift than boxes. And since it’s pretty flexible and doesn’t take up as much space as boxes, I was able to fit these in a car more efficiently.

36. Shower Exfoliating Brush

dorm gifts ideas

This shower brush dries so much faster than shower sponges or gloves. You might want to use these if your dorm only has communal bathrooms, since you won’t be able to leave your shower stuff in the bathroom to dry.

37. Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

This is definitely one of the coolest dorm gifts! It’s a night light, speaker, and alarm clock at the same time. I’m sure college students would love this!

38. Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer

dorm gifts ideas

Having a messy drawer makes finding stuff super frustrating. But sometimes, even after we organize it, it still gets messy after a while. That’s why using a drawer organizer like this can make your life so much easier.

Also, there usually isn’t a lot of space in the dorm drawers. So using a drawer organizer can help us section our mess into categories at least. Haha!

Dorm Gifts For College Girls

1. LED Makeup Mirror

Having a personal mirror is essential for college girls who are staying in dorms. Mainly because sometimes when getting ready in the morning, your roommates may take forever in the bathroom and you won’t have time to do your makeup using the bathroom mirror. And that’s when personal mirrors come in clutch!

2. Decorative Fairy Lights

Ugh! I just love having fairy lights in my living space! Even with minimalist decor, your room can look super magical if you hang these fairy lights around your window or the wall. And I’m sure a lot of college girls would appreciate this gift!

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3. Adjustable Shower Wrap

This shower wrap is nice because it uses Velcro to help secure and adjust the wrap to your body. If you prefer to change in your dorm room instead of in the communal bathroom, having a secure shower wrap will prevent you from embarrassing slippage situations.

4. Feel Better Herbal Tea

This herbal tea will be so helpful during winter times or finals seasons! With so much on their plate, college students sometimes forget to take care of their health. And getting sick with still tons of homework to do is honestly super tough. So this gift should be very much appreciated during those times.

5. Warm Throw Blanket

If your friend or family member is going to college in a freezing cold area like the East coast, this fuzzy throw blanket will help them stay warm and cozy during those frigid winter nights.

6. LED Letter Lights Sign

This is another super cute dorm gift that girls will love! It’s not too extravagant, but can definitely add a personal touch to the whole vibe of your dorm. Match this letter lights sign with dazzling fairy lights, and walaa!! Your dorm room will look crazy gorgeous!

Dorm Gifts For Guys

1. Men’s Hooded Robe

dorm gifts ideas

This hooded robe looks so comfortable. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind staying in these all day if I can. If you’re staying in your dorm all day long, these robes can probably just replace your PJs, haha!

2. Indoor Basketball Hoop

dorm gifts ideas

I’ve seen these a lot in guys’ dorms! If you can’t live a day without yelling “Kobe” when throwing a paper ball in your trash can, then this dorm gift might be the perfect one for you. This can also be great entertainment for when the dorm WiFi is down.

3. LED Strip Lights

dorm gifts ideas

I swear I see this EVERYWHERE! Even my brother has one of these in his room. Apparently, it’s super popular among the college and younger population.

These lights honestly make your room look like a nightclub, which is a vibe I guess, haha!

4. Adidas Shower Slides

dorm gifts ideas

Even though Adidas says that this is a shower slide. I see guys roaming around campus with this all the time. Some even rock these bad boys with white long socks. Hmm…It’s definitely a fashion trend I haven’t caught up to yet.

No matter how college guys decide to utilize these shower slides, I’m sure they’ll appreciate this gift.

5. Men’s Pajamas Pants

dorm gifts ideas

These Pajama pants are perfect for keeping you warm and cozy in your dorm. I’m not sure if the dorms on the East coast have heaters, but the dorms at my college in Los Angeles did not have one. Or maybe I just didn’t know it existed?

Anyways, these are great for cold winter nights!

6. Magnetic Dart Board

dorm gifts ideas

In Hollywood movies, all college boys living in dorms seemed to have one of these dartboards!

This is a fun way to keep yourself entertained, and also a good party game to play with your friends. Also, since it’s magnetic, you won’t have to worry about damaging school property.

Did You Like These Dorm Gifts?

There you have it, 50 awesome dorm gifts for college students who will be staying in dorms! Hopefully, this post was useful in helping you decide what to buy for either yourself, or your friends and family that will be heading off to college soon!


50 Best Dorm Gifts For College Students That They’ll Love

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