8 Best Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Lagging on Android

8 Best Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Lagging on Android

Launched as a standalone messaging app, Facebook has filled the Messenger app with themes, search functions, secret conversations, and more. Sometimes it feels bloated, slow or delayed to some. If you are facing the same situation, read on to fix Messenger lag on Android.


1. Avoid Using Custom Themes

3. Disable Chat Threads

5. Force Stop Messenger

7. Avoid Third-Party Keyboard

Enjoy the Smooth Messenger Experience on Android

We will go through many factors that affect smooth Messenger operations on your Android phone.

1. Avoid Using Custom Themes

Facebook has released an option to use custom themes in the app. We are not talking about simple dark or light themes here. You can now also customize chat themes.

These custom chat themes require additional CPU power to open conversation and run smoothly. You can avoid using custom themes for different conversations in Messenger app to fix lag.

Stage 1: Open Facebook Messenger app on Android

Step 2: Go to a conversation that uses a custom theme.

Stage 3: Tap the profile name at the top.

Click on profile name fix messenger delay on android

Step 4: Go to Theme menu and Customize your chat option will open.

Open theme menu on android fix messenger lag
Change theme fix messaging delay on android

Don’t go with a high graphics theme. Scroll down and choose a simple color or gradient theme for the conversation.

2. Remove Other Facebook Accounts

Facebook lets you manage multiple accounts and Facebook pages from the Messenger app. If you’ve added three or four Facebook accounts with the Messenger app, it’s time to remove the other accounts and keep the primary account for lag-free transactions.

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Stage 1: Open the Messenger app on Android and tap the profile picture at the top.

open profile fix messenger delay on android

Step 2: Tap on Manage accounts.

Stage 3: Swipe left on the account you want to remove and tap the delete icon.

manage accounts fix messenger lag on android
messenger fix delete account on messenger lag on android

Do this for all unrelated accounts and keep your main account active in the app.

3. Disable Chat Threads

This is for those who use Messenger on mid-range or low-end Android phones. Constant incoming messages in the Messenger app can always trigger chat threads and the entire messaging experience may seem slow or clunky to you.

You have the option to disable chat threads in Messenger settings. Here’s how to use it.

Stage 1: Launch the Messenger app on Android and select the profile picture at the top.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Preferences menu and find the Chat heads option.

Disable messenger chat threads, fix messenger lag on android

Disable chat threads toggle.

4. Disable Data Saver Mode

You may notice that Messenger lags when Data Saver mode is on. Messenger puts brakes on data consumption, resulting in unwanted experiences from time to time. Follow the steps below to disable Data Saver mode in Messenger.

Stage 1: Open Messenger and go to Settings.

Step 2: Find Data Saver in the Preferences menu and tap on it.

clear data saver fix messenger lag on android

Stage 3: Disable Data Saver mode and you’re ready.

data saver mode fix disable messenger lag on android

Note that the Messenger app’s data consumption may increase, but you should see a better app experience.

5. Force Stop Messenger

By using the Force stop option in the app info menu, you’re basically restarting the app on Android. Try it and see if the force stop cheat fixes lag in Messenger app.

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Stage 1: Tap and hold the Messenger app icon and open the app info menu.

open messenger app on android info fix messenger delay

Step 2: Tap on Force stop at the bottom and close the app.

Force stop messenger delay on android

Give it some time and start using the Messenger app again.

6. Clear Messenger App Cache

This aims to empower Messenger users. If you’ve been a long-time Messenger user, chances are you’re collecting quite a bit of cache data in the background. You should clear the cache of the Messenger app and start from scratch.

Stage 1: Long press on Messenger app icon and open app info menu.

Step 2: Go to the storage menu and select the clear cache option.

open storage fix messaging lag on android
fix messenger cache on android clear messenger lag

Read our exclusive post to find out what happens when you clear cache in Android apps.

7. Avoid Third-Party Keyboard

Sometimes Messenger lag can be caused by typing lag on Android and not by the app itself.

If you’re using a third-party keyboard, it’s time to switch back to Gboard for a smooth typing experience.

Dump your OEM keyboard and download Gboard from Google Play Store using the link below.

Download Gboard for Android

8. Update Facebook Messenger

An outdated Messenger build could be the main factor behind the sketchy app experience. To fix bugs and improve app stability, go to Play Store and update Facebook Messenger to the latest version.

Enjoy the Smooth Messenger Experience on Android

If none of the tricks to fix Messenger lag are working then you should install Messenger Lite app on Android. It is designed for low data and resource consumption for budget Android phones. While poor in features, the app does the job with the messaging experience.

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What trick worked to fix Messenger lag? Share your findings in the comments below.

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