8 Best White Gaming Keyboard (August this year)

8 Best White Gaming Keyboard (August this year)

If you are setting up a brand new white gaming setup and looking for the best white gaming keyboard, I can assure you will find some of the best options here. We have scoured a lot of gaming keyboards from different brands and came up with this list of white gaming keyboards.

This list of the best white gaming keyboards includes different types of white gaming keyboards. Every gamer has its own requirements and expectation. So to serve them well, we curated this list accordingly. Like, you will get a Full-sized white gaming keyboard, a TKL white keyboard, a low-profile gaming keyboard, a budget-oriented keyboard and esports-level white gaming keyboards.

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8 Best White Gaming Keyboard in this year

We have added the below-mentioned white gaming keyboards in every price spectrum. Take a look at all the white gaming keyboards for a better buying decision.

Without any further talking, let’s dig into our list of the best white gaming keyboards.

1. Logitech G915


When it comes to gaming keyboards, you cannot ignore Logitech. Logitech is giving us the finest gaming peripherals that definitely make the gaming experience better.


Logitech G915 TKL is a premium class of gaming keyboards that offers you a range of features that makes it the best white keyboard for gaming. It comes with GL Tactile Switches which is Logitech’s very own Low Profile Mechanical switches with that give you the brilliant mechanical keyboard experience. You can feel the tactile feedback at the time of the actuation.

The actuation point of these mechanical switches is 1.5mm which is a good number, especially for gaming. These low-profile mechanical switches not only work brilliantly but also add aesthetics to the keyboard.

This white gaming keyboard from Logitech is made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which makes it durable and also gives premium vibes to it. It is a wireless white keyboard which means you don’t need to indulge yourself in wires and the whole concept of wire management just fades away. You get a clean, minimalist gaming setup which is a dream of a lot of gamers out there. You can check more TKL keyboards here.

RGB on this keyboard looks absolutely stunning and with Logitech G Hub software, you can play and create your custom animation with 16.8 million colors. Along with all that, you also get to see a dedicated Media Keys and Volume roller which is so satisfying.

On a full charge, you will get 40 hours of battery backup. At a 15% battery level, you will get notified for low battery with a popup notification (through Logitech G Hub) and also a LED indication on the keyboard. From 0% to 100%, it takes around 3 hours to recharge. Overall, Logitech G915 TKL gives you a premium gaming experience but also comes with a premium price tag. If you are looking for a best-in-class white gaming keyboard, this keyboard is just for you.

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2. ASUS ROG Strix Scope


Here we have a gorgeous white gaming keyboard from Asus. Asus is also a leading brand in the gaming niche. From gaming laptops to gaming monitors, Asus always gave reliable & premium quality products.

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Asus Rog Strix Scope is a compact, tkl white gaming keyboard that looks stunning on any desk setup. With the TKL design, you get more space for mouse movement on the desk and also ask for less desk space. It comes with ROG NX mechanical switches which are brand new, Asus’s very owned mechanical switches with a 1.8mm actuation point. The NX mechanical switches give you a fast, accurate response which is crucial for competitive gaming.

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Along with that, we get to see elegant RGB lighting all over the keyboard. With individual RGB lighting on every key to glowing Asus Logo to RGB glowing effect under the keyboard, it screams elegance. With Asus Aura Sync software, you will be able to control the RGB lighting effect and create your own custom RGB effects.

The aluminum build, quick toggle media buttons, compact design, and responsive mechanical switches are some of the reason that makes it a great white gaming keyboard. If you are looking for the best white gaming keyboard in an affordable price spectrum, this is indeed the best choice to go with. It offers you great value for money.

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3. Razer Huntsman Mini


The above-mentioned keyboards were Tenkeyless white keyboards, also known as 75% keyboards but if you want an extremely compact white gaming keyboard, there is nothing better than Razer Huntsman Mini which is a 60% white gaming keyboard with some really great hardware.

Talking about its mechanical switches, it comes with Razer Optical Switches which are revolutionary tech by Razer. While other mechanical switches, like Cherry MX, Gateron, Logitech GL switches, etc. use a physical spring, and hammer to register the input, Razer’s Optical Switches use infrared light to register the input. The average response time of any mechanical switch is ~2ms but with optical switches, it gets as low as 0.3ms. It works with the speed of light.

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Along with the extreme response, you also get tactile feedback like any traditional mechanical keyboard. Apart from that, this white gaming keyboard looks even gorgeous when synced with Razer Chroma. Using Razer Chroma, you can choose the RGB effect and even sync with Philips Hue smart lighting, Popular gaming titles Razer’s other products like gaming headphones, gaming mouse and other 30+ partner brand products including AMD, AOC, Viewsonic, MSI & more.

The aluminum build with a matte finish not only looks spectacular but also gives it durable build quality. On top of that, we have oil-resistant Double Shot PBT keys for the best keyboard experience. So, if you are someone who likes to eat Cheetos or Doritos while gaming, this white gaming keyboard with oil-resistant keys got you covered. For connectivity, it uses a detachable USB Type-C cable which is a high-quality, braided cable and works brilliantly.

Overall, Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best white gaming keyboards with an extremely compact size and durable build quality. With Razer Chroma, RGB lighting gets to the next level.

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4. Redragon K552


Redragon is a king of affordable gaming peripherals manufacturer. If you are looking for the best white gaming keyboard under $50, just go for it. It comes with a compact TKL design, gorgeous RGB effect and durable build quality.

Talking about the switches, it comes with Outemu Red Liner Switches which are quiet switches with a clicky sound. The switches work well and give you a great gaming experience. We simply cannot compare these switches with other premium switches because of their pricing. But considering the price, this white gaming keyboard works brilliantly. The keys are anti-dust keys which don’t really attract the dirt.

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For RGB, we have 19 RGB effects with 6 levels of brightness. The RGB lighting looks super cool with the font of the keyboard. The keyboard also comes with a metal alloy build that looks sturdy in hands and also provides durability. The 87 keys come with N-Key Rollover and also come with Anti-Ghosting.

For connectivity, it uses gold platted, corrosion-free USB port but the cable is not detachable which should not be a problem if you are not carrying it to different places with you. Compatible with all the Windows OS, Redragon K552 is definitely the best white gaming keyboard with a super affordable price tag.

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5. Corsair K70 MK.2 SE


All the above-mentioned white gaming keyboards came with TKL design. Now if you are looking for full-fledged 104 keys white gaming keyboard, Corsair K70 MK.2 SE is something you should be looking at.

Under the hood, Corsair K70 MK.2 SE uses Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches that come with an actuation point of just 1.2mm. This actuation point is the lowest when compared with other mechanical switches in this list which means you are going to get the fastest response with less exertion of force. With a Polling rate of 1000hz, it will never miss registering the keystroke.

The base of this white gaming keyboard is an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame that not only complements the whole design but also gives you sturdy built quality. On the top, we have gorgeous white PBT double-shot keys giving you a firm key and durable build. The silver aluminum frame, white keys and RGB looks super-premium and adds gaming vibes to the setup.

With CORSAIR iCUE software, you can customize all the RGB effects and sync them with other Corsair products like a cooler fan, gaming mouse, Corsair RAM etc. Along with all that, we also get to see dedicated media keys and a volume roller. With 8MB onboard storage, you can save up to 3 profile settings for quickly switching between the profiles.

USB Passthrough, detachable Palm rest, dynamic per-key RGB lighting, and durable 1.8-meter braided cable are some of the other reasons that make Corsair K70 MK.2 SE one of the best white gaming keyboard in this year. It is truly a complete gaming keyboard package.

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6. Razer BlackWidow Lite


Now if you want a completely white gaming keyboard with white backlit, there is nothing better than Razer BlackWidow Lite. Most of the gaming keyboards come with RGB lighting which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Packed in a compact design, Razer BlackWidow Lite comes with Razer Orange switch which provides you tactile feedback without making much noise. The switches are responsive, silent and durable with 80 million keystrokes. The actuation point of the Razer Orange Switch is 1.9mm which is almost similar to Asus ROG NX switches.

Razer Huntsman Mini, on the other hand, provides Razer’s Optical Switches which are definitely faster than Orange Switches and also comes with 1.5mm Actuation point.

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What makes BlackWidow Lite differ from other white gaming keyboards in this list is the White Backlit. It shines differently when used on white ABS keycaps. It will specifically appeal to those who are looking for a true white gaming keyboard with white backlit.

The base of the keyboard is made up of a metal alloy that looks good and also feels durable. For connectivity, we have a detachable braided fiber cable. If you are someone who likes to carry a keyboard in their backpack, this will be additional portability.

Fully programmable keys, 1000hz polling rate, dedicated Sound Dampeners for silent keystrokes, and detachable cable are some of the reasons that make Razer BlackWidow Lite the best white gaming keyboard that also comes with an affordable price tag.

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7. Keychron K2


Keychron K2 became an extremely popular keyboard after MKBHD published his desk setup video on Youtube. If you are someone who is looking for a black & white gaming keyboard, Keychron K2 is a brainer. I am personally using this same keyboard but with a different color scheme. You can check Keychron K2 videos on our Youtube Channel.

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Talking about the keyboard, it comes with Hot-swappable Gateron G Pro Brown Switches which are the best Gaetron switch. The switches are soft, give tactile feedback, and at the same time don’t make sharp noise. If you like to have extra noise, you can opt for Red or Blue Gateron switches. For me, Brown Switches work the best. Since it is a hot-swappable keyboard, you can pop out the switch anytime and replace it with another set of switches.

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The base of the keyboard is made up of metal and feels premium. The ABS keycaps are of good quality and with White Backlit, it looks super good to the eyes. However, there is another version of Keychron K2 that comes with RGB backlit that will also costs you more.

For connectivity, it uses a detachable USB Type-C cable, Bluetooth 5.1. There is a dedicated toggle button at the side that you can use to switch between the connection mode.

The best part about Keychron K2 is the compatibility with Mac. You get extra buttons for Windows as well. With a 4000mAh battery, you get battery backup for ~72 hours which is impressive. There are 2-level height adjustments that you can use as per your comfort level.

Overall, Keychron K2 is a quality product from an independent brand. If you are looking for black and white gaming keyboard, this is a great choice to go with.

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Here we have another brilliant white gaming keyboard that also comes in an affordable price tag. It is a compact 60% keyboard with arrow keys. This white gaming keyboard is filled with great features that will definitely make your gaming experience better and your white gaming setup look elegant.

Talking about the switches, it comes with Brown Mechanical Switches with 50 million keystrokes. There is no questioning the durability of these mechanical switches. On top of these mechanical switches, we have high-quality ABS keycaps which are highly sensitive to light. RGB lighting on these keycaps looks super good to eyes.

With Bluetooth 5.1 and USB Type-C cable connection, you can use any mode to connect it to a PC, Mac, Android. With the 1.5meter L Shaped USB Type-C cable, you can expect a better lifespan of the cable. For a wireless connection, we have a 1900mAh battery that can give you continuous use for up to 20 hours (depending on usage, RGB brightness).

For this price, DIERYA DK63N is definitely the best white gaming keyboard that comes with some really good features, packed in a compact form factor.

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Best White Gaming Keyboard: What’s Your Pick?

These are some of the best white gaming keyboards that you can buy right now. We keep on updating this list every month so that you can get the latest keyboard recommendations. The above-mentioned white gaming keyboards are suitable for everyone. Moreover, you also get different kind of white gaming keyboards like 60% keyboard, 75% keyboard and full-fledged keyboard with 104 keys.

You also get a black and white gaming keyboard from Keychron which is a brilliant keyboard for the price. On the contrary, if you want full-fledged white keyboard for gaming, consider Corsair K70 MK.2 SE. Razer BlackWidow Lite is a keyboard for those who want a pure white keyboard with a white backlit. For the premium gaming experience, you can consider Logitech G915TKL.

Do you have any other recommendations for the best white gaming keyboard? Mention in the comments below.

8 Best White Gaming Keyboard (August this year)

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