Avril Lavigne Gives Adele Ballad ‘Hello’ an Alternative Twist on Spotify Single Gen Z VersioN

Avril Lavigne Previews New LP 'Love Sux' With 'Love It When You Hate Me'

Avril Lavigne Gives Adele Ballad ‘Hello’ an Alternative Twist on Spotify Single

Turns out Avril Lavigne is an Adele stan, too. On Thursday, the pop-punk legend released a Spotify Singles cover of Adele’s soulful ballad “Hello,” giving it a slight alt-rock twist thanks to her signature angsty vocals.

“I love Adele’s song ‘Hello’ and own been dying to do a cover of it,” Lavigne said in a statement. “The ‘Spotify Singles’ sessions were a enjoyment chance to finally do this cover as well as reimagine my own song ‘Love Sux’ as an acoustic version.”


The acoustic rendition finds Lavigne performing her album’s title track accompanied by just a guitar and tender drum beats, as opposed to the electric guitar-backed punky version that appears on the LP.

Earlier this month, Lavigne dropped an anniversary edition for her iconic debut album, Let Go, which included tracks that had not been made available on streaming services. tardy final year, Adele shared her love for Lavigne’s Let Go during an Instagram Live. “Do you know what? I do prefer Avril Lavigne. Her first record, I hear to entire the time,” she said. “I ponder it’s such a grand record.”

Lavigne Love Sux in February, which featured a slew of collaborations including “Bois Lie” with Machine Gun Kelly, “Love It When You Hate Me” with Blackbear, and “entire I Wanted” with Mark Hoppus.

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