Best Cheap Car Insurance In Washington 2022

Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Washington

Getting a cheap car insurance in the Evergreen State shouldn’t be too much leg work. We evaluated 10 car insurance companies to help you find the best rates in your state.

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Cheap Washington car insurance for good drivers

You can save hundreds on car insurance by avoiding accidents and not filing claims. Good drivers in Washington pay $1,427 on average for car insurance, our analysis found, but you can save even more by shopping for a policy and comparing quotes.

Geico and Progressive are solid options for good drivers in Washington. Military members, veterans and their families may find lower rates with USAA.

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Cheap car insurance in Washington for drivers with a speeding ticket

A speeding ticket can increase a good driver’s rate by 21% on average in Washington. That’s nearly $300 more for the same coverage because of one speeding ticket.

If you get busted for speeding and need to find lower rates, consider getting quotes from State Farm, Pemco and Nationwide. Try USAA if you qualify.

Cheap Washington car insurance for drivers who caused an accident with injury

Causing an accident that results in an injury can jack up your rates by over $500 on average in Washington. If you caused an accident, it’s a good idea to compare prices from multiple insurers.

Qualifying veterans, military members and their families can likely benefit from a USAA auto insurance policy, which offers low rates for drivers with a recent at-fault accident on their records. State Farm, Pemco and Travelers may also have cheap car insurance in Washington, based on the companies we analyzed.

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Cheap Washington car insurance for drivers with a DUI

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A DUI conviction increases rates by 33% on average in Washington, but you may be able to avoid a massive rate hike if you shop for a policy at renewal time. State Farm is the only insurance company with average rates below $1,300 for those drivers, among the companies we analyzed. Progressive also has competitive rates.

Cheap Washington car insurance for adding a teen driver

Washington parents who add a teen to their car insurance may see their rates more than double. The average rate hike after putting a teen on a policy is 114% in Washington. That’s why it’s prudent to look around for better prices.

Nationwide and USAA are the only Washington insurers among those evaluated with average rates below $2,000 for parents who add a teen. USAA car insurance is only available to veterans, military members and their families.

If you’re adding a teen, ask insurance companies to review their car insurance discounts and see if they can reduce your rate.

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Cheap Washington car insurance for young drivers ages 18 to 25

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Young drivers usually pay more for car insurance than other drivers, and in Washington it may be nearly $1,000 more than a driver age 30, on average. Rates vary by insurance company so compare quotes from multiple companies if you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Washington.

Try quotes from Geico and Travelers if you’re shopping around. USAA is often a good choice for young drivers.

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Young drivers who are in school may be able to snag student car insurance discounts to help cut their coverage costs.

Cheap Washington car insurance for senior drivers age 65+

Seniors may take a bigger hit on their wallet with higher car insurance costs, especially as they reach their 70s and 80s.

But no matter your age you can shop around for cheap car insurance in Washington. If you’re looking for a cheaper policy, consider getting quotes from Geico, Nationwide and State Farm. USAA is a good choice for those who qualify with a military affiliation.

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