Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2022

Smart home devices are truly mind-boggling allowing you to automate your home. The
Hollywood movies and cartoons we used to watch in our childhood somewhat predicted these
devices. However, things have gone from fiction to real life.
Generally, smart home devices allow you to develop an ideal setting in your home without
putting in much effort. For instance, if you are feeling drowsy and need a small nap, you can ask
your smart light to dim or turn off. Similarly, a smart thermostat will help you adjust the
temperature according to the outside temperature as per your instructions. Just ask your
vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess and get it done in minutes.
Moreover, if you want to listen to the latest happenings, just ask your smart speaker like
Amazon Nest to read the news. Sit back and relax because all you need is to listen to the news
and nothing else.
Smart home devices are making lives much easier. Not only you can save money, but also
contribute to a green environment. Without an internet connection, you might not be able to
utilize your smart devices at an optimal level.
Before you invest in smart home devices, it is recommended to have a stable connection like
Spectrum internet. Choose from various plans and packages and keep your devices connected
all the time. In case of any disruption, you can simply approach customer service. If you are
Spanish, you don’t have to worry about a language barrier. All you need to do is contact
spectrum servicio al cliente . You can also approach them through live chat or social media.
The year 2022 is all about automating your home. Let’s start with the best smart home devices
you can purchase to automate your home.

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Phillips Hue

Investing in traditional bulbs and lights is not the norm of tech-savvy people. You need to have a
smart bulb like Phillips Hue, which does not require any complex installation process. All you
need to do is remove your existing bulb and replace it with Phillips Hue.
Phillips Hue allows you to schedule according to your desire. For instance, when do you want
your corridor lights to turn on and when to turn them off. However, one of the drawbacks of
Phillips Hue is that you cannot operate it away from your home. You need to buy a hub for you
to control it from anywhere else.

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio is the best smart speaker you can find on the market. The smart speaker
delivers immersive sound from every direction. Whether you want to turn on your favorite music
or want to make a call to your loved ones, just ask Amazon Echo Studio to get it done.
Amazon Echo Studio offers you to stream music from the biggest platforms like Spotify, Apple
Music, Hungama, JioSaavn, and Gaana. Echo Studio analyzes the settings of your room and
adjusts to them to make them sound better and more immersive.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

Video doorbell is also a great smart home device to ensure the security and privacy of your
home. The performance, affordability, and convenience it offers are what every homeowner is
looking for.
Eufy Video Doorbell when installed will allow you to see who’s outside whether it be day or
night. The video it captures is clear and allows you to see someone outside your door from head
to toe. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any subscription to get started.
Eufy Video Doorbell is a great addition to your smart home if you have kids at home. Check
who’s coming and going out of the home during your absence.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

If you are tired of paying hefty electricity and energy bills, you need to invest in Nest
Thermostat. The best smart home device that learns your preferences and sets during different
times of the day.
Nest Thermostat works seamlessly with Google Assistant. It is sleek in design and easy to use,
even if you are not versed with technicalities. The smart thermostat intelligently adjusts the
schedule. The bad thing about Nest Thermostat is that it is not functional with Apple HomeKit.

August Smart Lock

If you want to secure your home and don’t want to mess around with keys, then August Smart
Lock is the device you need to buy immediately. The features it offers are awesome such as it
works seamlessly with the Alexa device to control it with your voice.
You can also keep a check on who’s going in and out of the home. You can track activities 24/7
outside your home so that timely measures can be taken to avoid any thefts and robberies.
Compared to other smart devices, August Smart Lock is a bit expensive, but after having it you
don’t need to hire a security guard to protect your home.

Summing Up

Smart home automation is trending and will surpass the expected forecast. Before you invest in
all the devices at once, make sure to buy one or two each month. It will help you stay within
budget and allow you to automate your home gradually.

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