See The First Look At Season 2 Of The Best Supernatural Show On TV

See The First Look At Season 2 Of The Best Supernatural Show On TV

By Nathan Kamal
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We live in an age where there are more television programs on air (streaming or otherwise) than ever before, which can make it basically impossible to follow them all. But while the news of multitudes of fan favorite and critically acclaimed shows being canceled can seem constant, it is gratifying to see that HBO’s incredibly funny Los Espookys is not only coming back for a new season, but a trailer is already here. Check out this first look at the single best supernatural comedy series on television:

Los Espookys was created by Saturday Night Live stars Julio Torres and Fred Armisen, along with Ana Fabrega. All three star in the show along with Bernardo Velasco and Cassandra Ciangherotti; Torres, Fabrega, Velasco, and Ciangherotti are a group of friends who decide to turn their love of terrible horror films and practical effects into a professional. In the first season, Los Espookys (as they dub themselves) consistently find themselves hired to fake supernatural situations, only to find themselves actually dealing with the otherworldly. However, one of the running jokes of the series is that no one actually seems all that bothered by the existence of floating water demons who hold the secrets of the past or the American Ambassador to Mexico (Greta Titelman) being trapped in a dimension of broken mirrors and replaced with an evil duplicate. 

From the looks of it, Los Espookys will be continuing in much the same vein in the second season. In the first, Julio Torres’ adopted, dramatically dressed son of a family of chocolate magnates searched for answers to who dropped him off at a nunnery as an infant in the dead of night, and it appears that even if he does not keep up with that, the outfits will still be on point. Despite the success of Los Espookys, team leader Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) spent a good portion of the first season trying to make a horror movie with a cranky and incompetent American director played by Broadway legend Carol Kane and original Saturday Night Live star Laraine Newman as an ersatz Anne Hathaway. Úrsula (​​Cassandra Ciangherotti) finished the season apparently about to be kidnapped and brainwashed to be the host of a morning talk show (as happens), while her sister Tati (Ana Fabrega) pretty much just drifts from bizarre job to job while being alternated threatened by gangsters and wooed by princes. It is a fun bunch, and that’s not even mentioning Fred Armisen as a valet with practically mythical parking prowess.

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The first season of Los Espookys received a rare perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. HBO renewed the show for a second season within days of the pilot premiering, which hopefully is a good sign for further adventures of the gang. At the very least, it is wonderful to get an exaggerated (mostly) peek at the legendary Mexican goth culture and see a few more of those outfits from Julio Torres.

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