The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 2022

Our Methodology: How We Evaluate Motorcycle Insurance Companies

The current market isn’t exactly flooded with choices, but it can get quite difficult to tell a great insurance offer apart from a mediocre one. Companies offering insurance sometimes aren’t very familiar with the motorcycle industry or what exactly bike riders need to cover when choosing a plan. Sometimes, it can just be a very bad deal for you, the rider.

That’s why we’re very thorough when reviewing insurance companies. We examine every little detail of every offer. We read the fine print and look for any catches that might be easily missed. Below are the key areas we examine when compiling our motorcycle insurance comparison list.

Range of Coverage

Before anything else, we need to know what exactly each insurance policy covers. This might come as a surprise, but there are many types of coverage to choose from when insuring your bike. Of course, the best possible outcome is all-in-one insurance as the default option. By this, we mean a policy that covers both bike damage and medical bills in case the rider suffers injuries.

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Liability coverage is one of the most widespread insurance options, especially considering that in the United States you’re not really required to insure your own vehicle, but you do need to cover any damage sustained in an accident. Every US state has a minimum liability threshold, so in each motorcycle insurance review we’ll point out anything that makes a particular offer stand out from the crowd.

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Speaking of accidents, personal injury protection (PIP) is also a very important factor when selecting a plan. The last thing you want is to pay a massive medical bill after you’ve already had to replace some parts on your bike. That counts for your motorcycle, as well. We look into whether each policy offers collision coverage.

Other types of coverage that are a plus in our books include damages caused by an underinsured (or completely uninsured) motorist, rental reimbursement, and the option to insure your guest passenger. Last but not least is coverage for customized or collector bikes. These aren’t a part of the average motorcycle insurance policy, so we don’t subtract any points for insurers that don’t offer these extras. However, we do point out whether these or any other extra options are available.

Additional Services

More often than not, insurance companies are eager to go the extra mile for their clients. Of course, that’s usually just to get ahead of the competition, but still it’s a great benefit for the rider looking to insure their bike.

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These additions to existing insurance policies are usually small but meaningful, like a riders’ club that can help you on the road when you get a flat tire or run out of gas. Mind you, these add-ons usually don’t come for free, even with the best motorcycle insurers. However, even if they cost extra, their value often outweighs the price. These aren’t usually major deal breakers when choosing a company to insure your motorcycle, but we prefer at least some add-ons and special offers instead of just a plain old policy.

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Discount Options

The price of motorcycle insurance can range wildly, from as low as $100 per year to tens of thousands of dollars. Many factors come into play here – location, type of bike, the rider’s experience – and that’s the sole reason why insurance companies never advertise one fixed price for their services. A flat rate is never offered because it simply cannot exist.

Another thing to keep an eye on when looking for a motorcycle insurance company is the range of discounts on offer. Factors that could earn you a discount include, but are not limited to, the anti-theft systems you already have in place, whether the rider has been ticketed for bad driving in recent months, a multi-unit discount for owners of several vehicles, or even a small bonus discount as an incentive for switching from another insurance company. There could also be recurring discounts on offer, for example when you renew your policy or if you remain road-safe for a certain number of months/years. Even taking a safety course could net you a small discount.

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Leading motorcycle insurance companies will offer an array of discounts and incentives. After all, they prefer safe drivers who are less accident-prone and end up bringing more money to the company by extending their insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

The final piece of the insurance puzzle is a purely human factor – the quality of service and support provided by the company. It’s important that your company of choice employs staff who are knowledgeable in these matters.

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Another major factor is the claims process. We look at how fast and easy it is to claim, whether the company has a 24/7 hotline for their customers, and how well staff members actually handle claims. A reliable motorcycle insurance provider will have several contact methods, be available around the clock, and provide the resources to educate their clients on filing claims and what to do if they happen to suffer a motorcycle accident.

We also evaluate how the company pays out claims and deals with people who have been involved in an accident. This goes hand-in-hand with specialized insurance policies, specifically those for vintage bikes with price estimation requirements.

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