Trend Why Is Everyone Becoming A Redhead?

Trend Why Is Everyone Becoming A Redhead?

“With any trend, people are relating towards red right now and the people who are wearing it,” adds colorist and Matrix Brand Ambassador Rachel Bodt. She recently took Ferreira from black to a vibrant red and says it served as inspiration for many clients: “People are saying, ‘I [can] relate, I have similar coloring.’ Seeing so many redheads right now, people can visualize it.” According to Bolt, there’s a red tone for everyone. For example, Ferreria’s red influenced TikTok creator CurvyQueenSheen to take her own brown hair red, though a different, more golden copper. If you have natural hair, you can go red without bleach, just consult your colorist on the right shade for your hair texture and complexion. They key is dimension.

Trend Why Is Everyone Becoming A Redhead?
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