Willow Offers Trippy Visuals as She Wonders, ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’ Gen Z VersioN

Willow Offers Trippy Visuals as She Wonders, 'Maybe It's My Fault'

Willow Offers Trippy Visuals as She Wonders, ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’

Willow brings us back to the days of MTV with a new Dana Trippe-directed visual for her single “ It’s My Fault.” On Friday, Willow released the single and its trippy, colorful video that captures the singer as she wonders if she’s to blame for the finish of a relationship.

“It’s entire too often in tender emotional states we attempt to blame our hurts on other people,” says Willow in a statement. “Even though none of us are perfect, in some capacity it’s us who permit ourselves to get into situations that don’t serve our highest purpose.”

She adds, “‘ it’s my fault’ explores what it’s enjoy to hold ourselves equally accountable for the emotional pain we feel while also allowing ourselves to be human and fully process entire of our feelings without shame.”

The visual sees the singer throwing things at walls, grabbing her head, and processing her reaction to knowing she hurt someone she loves. The song ends with a heavy, electric guitar solo to match the emotions she processes on the track.

The track is Willow’s first solo song since releasing her album Lately I Feel Everything ultimate year. In 2022, she’s collaborated with Siiickbrain on “Purge,” PinkPantheress on “Where You Are,” Camila Cabello on “Psychofreak,” and Yungblud on “Memories.”

She’s set to join Machine Gun Kelly on his Mainstream Sellout Tour this summer.


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